When did start?
A has been established and officially launched in August 2022. We worked on the site for a long time prior to launching it.
How do I get paid from the site?
You get paid in Ecomi (OMI). Ecomi is a Crpyto Currency just like Ripple, Ethereum and other Crpyto Currencies. You will get paid to a Ecomi wallet.
Where can I get a Ecomi wallet?
You can get a Ecomi wallet in many places. We do recommend to get a wallet from
Are withdrawals processed instantly?
Normally, for most members withdrawals will be processed instantly. However, in order to protect our site from fraudulent activity a withdrawal can be held by our security system. If this happens and you genuinely believe this is wrong - then please send us a Direct Message via Twitter and we would be happy to assist.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum is 40,000 OMI
Can I have more than 1 account?
Generally no, and we block such attempts. The only exception is if you forgot your account details and genuinely wishes to start all over again.
How do I contact you?
Please use our Twitter account. You can easily find our Twitter logo in our site.
I see a "FAILED" status when I made a withdrawal, what does it mean? And what would happen?
A "FAILED" status could mainly show up because you either provided invalid withdrawal details (e.g. non-existing wallet, or a ETH wallet instead of a Ecomi wallet). If the transaction fails please update your payment info and our system will try to resend it.
Can I get a valid roll with a result great than 10,000 or this is invalid?
A valid result must be 0-10000 only. Any other result is invalid. We do place a security feature in our site using an invisible Captcha. If you don't pass that Captcha then you are likely to receive an invalid result. This is done for seucrity purposes. If you are genuinely unable to pass the Captcha then we suggest you Google search "how to pass Captcha" for tips how to do it as you might need to do so with any other site using Captcha services.